Antiracist, Antifascist Gathering in International Solidarity, Ag. Panteleimonas square Saturday 13:00

Solidarity with Migrants, Somoud, Zizania


The three Assemblies Zizania, Solidarity with Migrants and Somoud call for their first common Antiracist, Antifascist Gathering in Solidarity with the Roma Community and as a reaction to the statemurder of Xristos Mixalopoulos, the recent fascist attacks on the migrant communities in Victoria, Agios Panteleimonas and Monastiraki and the state repression on the Palestinian Freedom Movement.

In the last month in the areas of Agios Panteleimonas and Acharnon Street, fascist groups have attacked both migrant shops and migrant workers. These attacks have the full backing of the police, who supplement the struggle in the urban landscape with blockades and “sweeping” operations and with evacuations of houses where migrants are staying.

In the last months, the Greek state has been arming Israel with weapons of war and tried to silence the Palestinian resistance.

In the last week, off the island of Lesvos, the Greek state with its fascist murderers in uniform, whose blood on their hands has not been washed away after the mass murder of Pylos, has attacked a boat with 23 Afghan refugees with weapons.

We see it as our common responsibilty to show presence in our neighboorhoods and to connect with the communities who are affected by fascism, racism and all forms of oppression.

After the gathering, we invite everyone to join the social kitchen in Zizania after 3 pm and the event in Somoud after 7 pm.

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